A Change in Beatles Clothing

Published: 23rd October 2009
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In early 1962, The Beatles clothing appeared to be a totally different from what England had first seen them wearing some months earlier. Manager Epstein encouraged the band to get out of their leather gear, black Beatles T Shirts and pants ( No, not in that way ). Initially, Epstein got the group to put on sweaters on stage and ultimately suits. Having always been a fan of the theater, Epstein knew a thing or two about how to present an act. Epstein was from an upper middle-class background and he wanted the group to be presentable to the radio producers, TV and record firms.

Brian Epstein told the band that if they wear suits they'll get more money. John Lennon's response was, 'Yeah man, all right, I will wear a suit - I'll wear a bloody balloon if somebody's paying me. George Harrison concured asserting,'We happily switched into suits to get some more money and some more gigs.' And it worked, the group were soon playing shorter shows for more cash.

The Beatles walked onto the stage of the Manchester's playhouse Theater in early 1962 for their first radio appearance wearing their new gray mohair suits with skinny lapels, white dress shirts, and thin black ties. The new Beatles clothing came from Beno Dorm,'The Master Tailor For Impeccable Hand-Made Clothes,' located in a Liverpool suburb. This became the sharp early sixties style for younger guys.

Ringo Starr says Mr. Epstein modified the group's look by making them appear sharper. But adds, the band made him change his image as quickly as he joined the group. Mr. Starr used to have his hair combed back like Tony Curtis and he had sideburns. The other three Beatles made him shave off the facial hair and comb his hair down.

There was gossip that it was Paul McCartney who had abandoned the bands's leather style however as Paul McCartney remembered, 'I didn't really have to drag anybody to the tailors. We all went quite gladly over the water to Beno Dorn, a little tailor who made mohair suits.' People were saying that their black leather style was too hard and they worried that agents would concur. So that was the end of the Hamburg age and a new image in Beatles clothing.

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- Beatles Geek Pete

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