New Beatles Clothing Line by Ben Sherman

Published: 10th August 2009
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British clothing company Ben Sherman is releasing a Beatles clothing line next February. The collection will include four Beatles shirts, four Beatles T Shirts, and a mod inspired Harrington Jacket.

The Beatles clothing line will include fashion elements like a 60s inspired paisley print with a modern edge, the Beatles iconic font, and silhouettes of the Beatles from Help. The navy-colored Harrington jacket will have an interior with the Beatles faces in pop art colors. (Trivia alert: The Harrington Jacket was named after Rodney Harrington which was Ryan O'Neal's character on the 1960s TV show Peyton Place.)

Ben Sherman's creative director Mark Maidment says, "This is an ideal time for us to bring a new Beatles clothing collection to market, our own evolution into a complete lifestyle brand has meant that we can more strongly emphasize quality fabrics and authentic style. The classic Beatles imagery resonates with all consumers at all levels."

The Benn Sherman company was founded in 1963 by Arthur Bernard Sugarman. He was the owner of a shirt factory who had realized that early 1960s London jazz fans were eagerly buying the American button-down shirts worn by visiting American jazz artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Oscar Peterson. At the time, the English could only buy the shirts from official importers who had cornered this growing fashion market.

Sugarman, a one time American citizen, decided to produce a version of these shirts in England. The 60s English mods responded immediately, particularly because Sugarman was using better fabric than the imported shirts. He created the Ben Sherman Originals label. Today, The Ben Sherman brand is one of the most popular men's casual wear brands in England.

Caroline Mickler, who is the official Beatles licensing representative, believes, "Ben Sherman and The Beatles are a perfect match, combining a genuine British heritage with powerful, worldwide brand recognition. She adds, "With The Beatles Clothing Collection Ben Sherman has brought together its real feel for The Beatles and their iconic status with a highly individual, highly sophisticated approach to these classic clothing styles. The market is very excited about this collaboration - and so are we."

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